Why Have a Retirement Plan


Plan Design

Here at All Valley Administrators, we work closely with Employers to understand their objectives when implementing a new retirement plan for employees, as well as to understand the personal objectives of the business owners. Whether your goals are employee recruitment and retention or maximizing the benefits to key employees, we can help you select the right plan for your company. After working with you to determine your goals, All Valley Administrators will advise you as to what plan design will best accomplish these objectives.

Plan Setup

All Valley Administrators interacts with your financial advisor to efficiently set up a new plan or transition your existing plan from your current provider. We work with key personnel to streamline the tasks involved and to educate them regarding important aspects of the plan. If the thought of changing providers seems overwhelming, All Valley Administrators will take a hands-on approach making this transition as easy and seamless as possible. We will draft the takeover letter to your prior TPA for your signature, set up contacts and communication between all key players, and send you a list of items needed for the takeover.

Plan Administration

Retirement plan design and setup is only the beginning of a long collaborative relationship between the Plan Sponsor and All Valley Administrators. All Valley Administrators offers full service retirement plan administration for all types of retirement plans. Our services are designed to keep you and your employees informed about your Plan to keep you in compliance with ERISA guidelines.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Apply the eligibility requirements of your Plan
  • Calculate employer contribution amounts, taking into consideration allocation requirements under the Plan, new participants, forfeitures and terminations
  • Perform any required nondiscrimination testing, as required under the Internal Revenue Code, including ADP/ACP testing, minimum coverage testing, top heavy testing and general nondiscrimination testing
  • Maintain individual records for participant accounts
  • Provide trust accounting services from provided investment statements
  • Prepare annual reports (IRS Annual Return/Report Form 5500 or 5500-EZ, attachments, other supporting schedules as necessary, and Summary Annual Report)
  • Provide employees individual participant account statements of their respective interest under the plan
  • Determine the amount to be distributed to terminated or retired participants, and prepare the necessary paperwork for participant signature
  • Assist in the processing of hardship, in-service and/or loan withdrawals as necessary

Plan Sponsor Link

  • Plan Sponsor Link is a depository of all Plan Documents available for the Employer at any time
  • Financial Advisors can have access to Plan related compliance and administration
  • Plan Sponsor Link is an encrypted portal
  • Developed and Designed as a tremendous tool to assist the Employers and their teams

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